Final (we think) out-of-town dispatch

Whoah, what a day!  We got up at 6-something in the morning, on our vacation, to get on the bus at 7:45 to head out to something called Kentuck Knob, a Frank Lloyd Wright house in some cockamamie Pennsylvania town.  The house was pretty cool, it was built as a Usonian house, which refers to the type of house that was designed and built to be affordable, so the average American could have one, except Kentuck Knob was about twice as big as a typical Usonian house.  Even so, it was pretty darn small and claustrophobic.  

We don’t have an immediately accessible picture of Kentuck Knob (the ones I took on my SLR will be downloaded en masse when we get home), but here’s something from the Internet:


The extended back yard of Kentuck Knob is one of the most stunning vistas I have ever seen, and I am not exaggerating.  Here’s a shot of Steph and me followed by a shot Steph took of the area: 


This one looks very dramatic and overexposed because I had to up the exposure after the fact because we were in shadows.  But pretty cool, huh?

Now check this out:


From our new resident photographer, Stephanie M. Crane.

Next, we had lunch and then headed to the ultimate FLW residence, Fallingwater.  As per usual, Steph took great pics:


Great stuff, great tours, long day.

So we get back tonight at 10:15, and for the second night at this hotel, we’re greeted by a bed with the corner of the blanket turned down, most of the lights on, the TV on and set to the “tranquility channel,” our toothbrushes carefully arranged, as depicted below,


Seriously?  They messed with our spittle-covered instruments?   That’s luxury, I guess.  But then, and here’s the kicker, they left us this:


The irony.

Finally, we forgot to mention our dinner last night on Mt. Washington, which overlooks Pittsburgh.  Food?  Blech!  View?  Ridiculous!  Here’s something to tide you over until we get back. 


This is us.


This is Pittsburgh. 

Thanks everyone for your texts and e-mails and comments in the comments section (especially Amy and Eric!  Don’t you have kids and jobs?), and phone calls and Facebook messages, and all the good wishes on our most joyous news, and thanks for keeping up with this stupendously narcissistic Blog even after the fateful evening, and thanks in advance for all the spontaneous and expensive engagement presents and parties waiting for us upon our arrival as you would greet conquering heroes or Superbowl champs or just two very, very sexy kids who got engaged in Cincinnati (hypothetically).  Thank you in advance for your anticipated generosity.

Seriously, thanks for being our frineds and loved ones.  And yes, I know I misspelled “friends”.  I’m going to keep it like that to show that, contrary to what you must be thinking, I have flaws just like anyone. 

See you in Chi-Town!

p.s. We hope to arrive sometime before 10 p.m.  Who’s going to be picking us up at the airport?  Hah, just kidding, we’re driving.  Good one!


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  1. Clark says:

    Do you really expect me to check this page every day without a reminder?

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