Pittsburgh, Day Whatever

Yeah, so we missed a day.  We gave you pure gold for days on end, with a pretty spectacular climax.  Then we got tired.  But we’re Back and Better Than Ever!  To prove it, here are some photos!  But for background, you should know that we’re staying at the Omni William Tell Hotel.  Haha!  Not really.  It’s the William Penn Hotel.  That’s where we get “Pittsburgh!”  Somehow.  Okay, anyway, it’s a vintage hotel, very well run, and they’ve found the coolest ways to use technology!  For example, let’s say you get up in the middle of the night and you’re thinking to yourself, “Self, how am I going to navigate myself to the bathroom in the pitch black of this Pittsburgh night?”  Well, funny you should ask, because as soon as you put your foot down, this will happen:


“What is that?”  you ask.  Well, for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, here’s the same thing with the lights on:


Yeah!  It’s an automatic night light at the base of the nightstand triggered by your smelly feet!  Sweet action, as my bride-to-be would say.  Wow.  As Jason Crane would say, I never thought I’d be typing those words.  Fun Fact:  Steph loves correcting me now when I introduce her as my girlfriend!  What a sweet ride this is going to be.

Anyway, here’s one of our (all personal pronouns have by law become collective pronouns, or will soon enough so I might as well get some practice) favorite buildings in Pittsburgh (actually named after Johann “The Pitts” Burgh, a traveling toupee salesman who found himself in this area after taking a wrong turn at Poughkeepsie, and couldn’t get a cab back home, so he stayed):


Pretty cool, huh?  All “Mad Men” and whatnot.  It’s the Alcoa Building, completed in 1953 and designed by Harrison and Abramovitz.  The windows were intended to resemble windows on airplanes, a sign of speed and modernity.  They have some great 1950s buildings here.

Anyway, among our activities today, we visited a cemetery, and spotted this ominous figure:


No big deal, right?  Just an obelisk.  But take a closer look:


Yikes!  Fellas, I just got engaged, I ain’t ready to go yet.

On that note…. We’ve got Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kentuck Knob (?) and Falling Water tomorrow, a long day, then we drive home Sunday, and Steph starts school Monday.  Good times.

Hope everyone is lovin’ life in Chi-town, see you soon!

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4 Responses to Pittsburgh, Day Whatever

  1. amy d says:

    It’s a lot of fun to follow your trip. So happy for you both: )

  2. ec says:

    I’m waiting for the “Big Bang Theory” building.

    Still waiting.

  3. Clark says:

    @Alcoa Building: Are the seats cramped in these offices? Are the hallways patrolled by buxom TWA hostesses?

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