Love in the Iron City

We blew out of Cincy with our usual lack of punctuality and pulled into what looked like a great hotel!  Didn’t even bother with TripAdvisor!

It had free parking,


fine dining,


even a fitness center!




Not sure if that’s a styrofoam cup or a jockstrap.

So we checked into to our old standby, the Holiday Inn Express, which is its usual awesome self, super-friendly staff, great room, sweet shuttle, and then we went to the game at PNC Park, which was great.

Here’s a pic:


Still got that post-engagement glow!  Man are we hot!

We were sitting maybe 11 rows from the field, but it felt closer:


Later on, we moved up and chatted with another couple who had celebrated their first wedding anniversary the night we got engaged, which led to us getting a baseball, which somehow made us both even hotter!


Only bad news was the hometown team got kicked around by the mean ol’ Dodgers, breaking our hometown win team streak that began in Cleveland and continued all the way through Cincy.

Then we watched Kevin Bacon kick ass in Footloose back at the hotel, and now Pretty in Pink has started, but we’re exhausted from being such a cute couple.  So goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Love in the Iron City

  1. You make me laugh, yes even out loud!

  2. Clark says:

    I concur with mcolleen. Will you keep up this blog and incessant good cheer even after you return? Maybe Steph can work that into the prenup.

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