Cincy Day 3 — The Aftermath

Today was all about recovery.  One of us slept last night and one of us was checking his or her phone on the hour, then we had an in-room massage, in which one of the massueses asked if she could touch my instrument.  I said the timing was bad, I had just gotten engaged.  Then she just went ahead and moved my guitar anyway to make room for the massage table.   I felt violated, but it was a good massage anyway.  We took a ride of to Mt. Adams, had a meal at the City View Tavern, came back and napped, then made our way to the Reds game down the street.   What a fun ballpark!   The hometown heroes won on a walk-off homer after 8 1/2 innings of scoreless baseball, giving our new favorite NL team a rousing victory.  Bad news is those Mets will be coming up to our floor tonight in a bad mood, cursing and taking the Lord’s name in vain.  Steph will have to go out there to quiet them down, and knowing Steph, there will be fisticuffs and a police response.  She’s a tigress, alright.  But not a Detroit Tigress.

BTW, did you know that Cincinnati chili is like soup?  Like it’s supposed to be that way!  WTF?

Anyway, here are some photos:


As Spira would say, “What a fox!”


They had batting cages you could use during the game! I looked like an idiot at pitch speeds of 40 AND 60 MPH! Steph says false, I looked like Hank Ruth, or something.
Importing more photos now that we may post later.

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