Hello Cincinnati!!

Good evening!  We just checked in to the Westin Cincinnati, on the top floor, in a room overlooking the ballpark, where the Reds will host the Mets in a few hours.  Those very same Mets will be joining us IN THIS HOTEL, ON THIS FLOOR at 3 a.m.!  We’re going to put a sign up telling the Mets to STFU because AL fans are sleeping.  That’s right, you pitcher-batting clowns.  Real baseball fans in da house.  We were at Cooperstown, bitches!

Anyway, the point is that we are in a pretty sweet room in a pretty sweet hotel on a pretty sweet government rate.

So we have good news and bad news to report about our day’s activities.  Bad news, we missed the McKinley Presidential Museum and Spa because it closed at 4:00 (historic hours!), and (wait for it….) we were having too much fun at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.   You got it, pardners.

So here’s a candid, completely unposed shot of us at “The Hall,” as we call it:


The Hall is an excellent facility with great stories and a lot of Chicago stuff.  But we also got our football on for reals on the Hall of Fame Field.  Check out these action shots!


Actually, that’s Steph outside the R&R Hall of Fame, but you probably guessed that.

Let’s try again.

Oh, that’s me in front of the R&R HOF.  We’re not too good at this.  One more time:

Clearly not the action photos you were expecting.  But that’s marketing 101!   It’s why the Cubs are so successful!  You tell ’em what they’re gonna get and you don’t deliver!
What next?

Okay, well these are clearly just pictures taken at last night’s Indians game.  I can even see that.  Nice clouds, though.

What do we have here?

Pay careful attention to Walter’s left toe.

Now here are those action shots we promised you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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3 Responses to Hello Cincinnati!!

  1. Clark says:

    The Dolphins were going to sign Steph until she head-butted Jordan.

    What’s with all the broken photo links?

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