Can’t forget the shirt!

I almost forgot about the shirt!  At one point in the game everyone was standing for — as it turned out — that thing where people associated with the team stand on the dugouts and throw tightly wrapped t-shirts into the crowd.  We were just standing, talking or some such activity, when one of those bad boys came rocketing at us, so being the Ninja-like cat that I am, I reached out and snagged it, and promptly gave it to Stephanie Crane who expressed satisfaction at the outcome.  You’ll see the shirt in a second, but I want to say a couple things about it:  First, it is admittedly a shirt promoting the White Sox’ AL Central rivals, but let’s be realistic:  How big a rival are they really?  No offense, Drew Carey, but the Tribe (can I say that?) is starting to resemble a more competent Royals team.  They usually start strong, but at some point realize who they are and fade into third place.  It is what it is.  Second, the shirt has a very cool, classic design, with only a small logo of some bank on the sleeve, and far more importantly, without the stupid grinning red-faced Indians logo that should really embarrass all Clevelanders.  I mean, that thing is bad. 

Anyway, here’s the shirt, with a view of our room’s office space thrown in for good measure:


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2 Responses to Can’t forget the shirt!

  1. Michael Rhodes says:

    Florence wants to let you know that this whole trip thing is nice with Saki spraying Tony (I want him for our next party), seeing ballgames (Steph’s favorite), and staying at all of these fancy “Hvowelconsonantvowelconsonantconsonantvowel” hotels is great. But, she’d like a little more focus on the fact that she’s a teenager today. Actually, her father wants you to know that he now has a teenage daughter, his baby, and while you are searching for evasive hotels and googling President McKinley, he spent the weekend chaperoning the 13-year old girl birthday slumber party. And, figuring out how to find and respond to this blog. Enjoy!

    • redgrange says:

      A big shout-out across the vast Midwestern expanse to young Florence Rhodes in honor of her 13th birthday. Stay cool, kid! Love Steph & Jordan

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