Big Day in the Big C

Okay, so we pulled into Cleveland this morning after another visit to the Apple Store, this one in nearby Westlake, which is a charming mall-town.  This is turning into a tour of Apple Stores.  Well, every road trip needs a theme.  Anyway, after a really good Mediterranean lunch (did you know that if you don’t capitalize “Mediterranean,” this program will flag it as misspelled?  I guess that makes sense.), we headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame , which was pretty cool.  The architecture was fantastic, very modern, light and airy.  Did you know the Beatles were from England?  Of course you did, that was a ridiculous question.  Saw an excellent “American Bandstand” montage.  I had forgotten how old Dick Clark was, how many decades he hosted that show, and how he still looked so young!

I wish we could have spent more time at the Hall of Fame, but we were due at Progressive Field for the Red Sox v. the Indians at 6:05.  Very nice ballpark, intimate, nestled into the downtown with great views.  Contrary to the recommendation from Fisher the Apple Genius, the hot dogs were not good.  However, “the Fishbomb” was, in all other respects, fantastic.  Super nice guy.  In fact, virtually everyone here has been super-friendly, with the possible exception of the guy who flagged us into the parking lot by the stadium, who refused to tell me when I asked him how much it was, and when I pressed, told me to fuck off.  But I think he was homeless, or close to it and probably making a couple extra bucks perfecting his customer service skills on game days.

Anyway, the game was actually really good!  First of all, we were 24 rows from the field just on the first base side of home plate.  Amazing view of the game.  There were two guys next to us who had driven down from Boston, and the one guy felt that he needed to change seats with his friend, who apparently refused, so the first guy literally called over the usher who made them switch seats with each other based on their tickets.  That actually happened.  So I brought another usher over to make Steph switch with me but he didn’t take it seriously, nor did Steph.  I was emasculated.

But as I said, the game was really good, a lot of great plays, including a bottleneck at home when three Red Soxers were just a couple of feet apart from each other, and the third got tagged out.  Reminded me of when Carlton Fisk tagged out two guys in a row when he was on the White Sox.  Anyway, after a shaky defensive start, the Indians (I can’t think of a non-racist nickname to call them) got on their horse (is that racist?) and whooped (Oh, boy) the Red Sox.  The game featured some great defensive plays and a successful suicide squeeze play.  And the weather cooperated after it had rained all day.

This is Steph and me showing you where we are (so cute!):


But the best part of the trip was getting to the hotel.  What a hoot that was!   We drove to the Holiday Inn Express in Independence — because why would I have reserved a room anywhere else — only to find when we arrived that it was an actual Holiday Inn (no Express!), and even more intriguing, we had no reservation there!  Huh!  Turns out our reservation was at “Hyatt Place,” which, in my defense, also starts with a capital “H” and contains other letters including vowels and consonants.   So the HP was just a mile down the road, and let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, it is AWESOME.  You have to check out our $109 government-rate room.  I wish we could invite everyone over!

Ready?  Okay, here goes:


Am I right or am I right?  This isn’t even counting the bathroom complex.  I almost forgot:  Darryl, our check-in person, actually gave us a tour of the common areas of the hotel!  And I don’t think it was because he was a fan of our Blog (although he may be), I think that’s just what they do.  Steph, who developed a terrible headache as we left the game, had only this to say as she drifted off to a painful sleep:  “I love this hotel.”  Ha!  She’s so awesome.  She is sleeping comfortably now.
Anyway, we love the comments, sorry we have to wait until the end of the day before we can get to a computer to approve them, but keep ’em comin!

Scenes from next episode:

Steph and Jordan blow through the Football HOF and the McKinley Presidential Museum in Canton and then hit Cincy for some 3-way chili and other hot stuff.   Stay tuned!



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3 Responses to Big Day in the Big C

  1. Debbie says:

    Sounds like you’re having fun. Steph, feel better, and I love that hotel too!

  2. ec says:

    That is a great hotel, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the HI Express.

  3. Clark says:

    I’m disappointed that your Holiday Inn Express love hasn’t even touched on the amazing showerheads, which somehow push out more water than they take in.

    Stay away from the free toothpaste. Trust me on this one.

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