On the way to Cleveland


Not going there.

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5 Responses to On the way to Cleveland

  1. Ali says:

    Love the blog so far! Let’s get some video going!!

    • redgrange says:

      You’re a tough customer, Ali! Haven’t figured out how to post video on this thing from my computer. Apparently it has to be from the Internet, so I’d have to load it on to YouTube first, which is weird. Thanks for following us!

      • ec says:

        On our WordPress, you can load video directly to your blog (into a Media Library) and from there post it into a post. It takes a bajillion years, and there’s no progress bar, but with some luck and blind faith, it can work. Or, you can post it to YouTube, which is weird.

  2. ec says:

    Cedar Point: what could have been.

  3. redgrange says:

    Go Penn State?

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