So here’s the …

So here’s the deal:  This trip started as a three-day trip to Pittsburgh with the Chicago Architecture Foundation.  Steph and I decided to drive instead of fly, and we added stops along the way, including baseball games, halls of fame, I’m sure there will be a spa or two involved, and maybe even a presidential museum.   Certainly we could kill two birds with one stone with a visit to the famous McKinley Presidential Museum and Spa in Canton, OH.  But here’s the dilemma for you, The Reader:  Let’s face it, a lot of this stuff is going to be pretty boring, so you may be tempted to blow it off.  But there may also be some events you find interesting, even compelling, dare we say, seductive.  So at the end of the day, your reaction may be either: 1) Well, okay, lesson learned.  I’m glad I stuck with that sweet blog; or 2) Wait, I’m just learning of this NOW?  Well, that sucks.  Guess I should have stuck with that sweet blog; or 3) What is that on my ankle?  It looks like a cat threw up on the Aldi Grocery logo.  I love that sweet blog! 

See what we’re saying?

In any event, here’s a graphic depiction of our itinerary:

Day One:



Nice sky!  LOVE the Holiday Inn Express.  Hey, why is it that the big fancy hotels make you pay for WiFi and have crazy expensive laundry “service” ($2.50 for one piece of underwear?  Are you $#@! kidding??!!) instead of self-serve laundry, when you get the free WiFi and self-serve laundry standard at the HI Express? Sarah Palin is an idiot.  I have trouble focusing.

Day Two:



BoSox at Indians


This awesome looking structure is the Rock and roll Hall of Fame!  After Steph’s Stepfather, Kent, gets us out of jail for trying to walk out with Springsteen’s guitar,  we will proceed with….

Day Three:







…in which our intrepid travelers ask the timeless question, “Was he really a president?  How come we’ve never heard of this guy, and one of us is a teacher?”  And we’ll find out the story behind how a president was named after a mountain. 


Okay, this is getting long, huh?  (Hah!  Steph said that!)  But entertaining!   So stick with us as we continue with more posts!




A post. 





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2 Responses to So here’s the …

  1. Mr. O says:

    Your journey reminds me of “Into the Wild” accept you have a lot more technology, food and shelter. Just be careful what you eat. Bon Voyage!

  2. ec says:

    Are you sure McKinley wasn’t named after a Presidential Museum (and Spa!) …?

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