We’re in the Apple Store Now

Hello.  So tomorrow we begin the big Road Trip, but tonight we’re in the Apple Store yet again for issues relating to Steph’s iPhone, which may be a lot of “i”, but not much Phone, if you know what I mean and I think you do.  And of course if you go to the Apple Store in Lincoln Park, you go to the Burger Bar across the street on Clybourn, which is what we did. That place is awesome.   We spoke with John the owner/chef about the decor and he gave us a free fancy glass for our fancy glass party, which we will have soon.

So what you all want to know is our itinerary, which we will describe graphically when we get home and after we’ve had a chance to make out.

So here’s the abbreviated itinerary:  IL to OH to PA.  Steph will now perform her patented limerick about the beginning of our trip.  Take it away, Hot Stuff!

Tomorrow we’ll leave for Ohio,

To our friends we will say our goodbye-o’s

We’ll see Halls of Fame

And catch a few games,

And when we come home, I will cry-o.

So there you have it.


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3 Responses to We’re in the Apple Store Now

  1. Cuz Helen says:

    I think you need to add the word “Most” to the title of your adventure in order to capture what I presume to be your target audience. Therefore, it would read “Steph and Jordan’s Most Excellent Rust Belt Adventure” What were you thinking when you missed that? Must have been the free fancy glass from the burger joint. Mrs Ida Hoe, wife of Don (aka, Cuz Helen)

  2. amyd says:

    I want more limericks!

    Have a great trip. I’ll definitely be living vicariously through your MOST fun adventure.

  3. ec says:

    Awwww! Not bawdy enough, but Excellent for an Adventure.

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