Final (we think) out-of-town dispatch

Whoah, what a day!  We got up at 6-something in the morning, on our vacation, to get on the bus at 7:45 to head out to something called Kentuck Knob, a Frank Lloyd Wright house in some cockamamie Pennsylvania town.  The house was pretty cool, it was built as a Usonian house, which refers to the type of house that was designed and built to be affordable, so the average American could have one, except Kentuck Knob was about twice as big as a typical Usonian house.  Even so, it was pretty darn small and claustrophobic.  

We don’t have an immediately accessible picture of Kentuck Knob (the ones I took on my SLR will be downloaded en masse when we get home), but here’s something from the Internet:


The extended back yard of Kentuck Knob is one of the most stunning vistas I have ever seen, and I am not exaggerating.  Here’s a shot of Steph and me followed by a shot Steph took of the area: 


This one looks very dramatic and overexposed because I had to up the exposure after the fact because we were in shadows.  But pretty cool, huh?

Now check this out:


From our new resident photographer, Stephanie M. Crane.

Next, we had lunch and then headed to the ultimate FLW residence, Fallingwater.  As per usual, Steph took great pics:


Great stuff, great tours, long day.

So we get back tonight at 10:15, and for the second night at this hotel, we’re greeted by a bed with the corner of the blanket turned down, most of the lights on, the TV on and set to the “tranquility channel,” our toothbrushes carefully arranged, as depicted below,


Seriously?  They messed with our spittle-covered instruments?   That’s luxury, I guess.  But then, and here’s the kicker, they left us this:


The irony.

Finally, we forgot to mention our dinner last night on Mt. Washington, which overlooks Pittsburgh.  Food?  Blech!  View?  Ridiculous!  Here’s something to tide you over until we get back. 


This is us.


This is Pittsburgh. 

Thanks everyone for your texts and e-mails and comments in the comments section (especially Amy and Eric!  Don’t you have kids and jobs?), and phone calls and Facebook messages, and all the good wishes on our most joyous news, and thanks for keeping up with this stupendously narcissistic Blog even after the fateful evening, and thanks in advance for all the spontaneous and expensive engagement presents and parties waiting for us upon our arrival as you would greet conquering heroes or Superbowl champs or just two very, very sexy kids who got engaged in Cincinnati (hypothetically).  Thank you in advance for your anticipated generosity.

Seriously, thanks for being our frineds and loved ones.  And yes, I know I misspelled “friends”.  I’m going to keep it like that to show that, contrary to what you must be thinking, I have flaws just like anyone. 

See you in Chi-Town!

p.s. We hope to arrive sometime before 10 p.m.  Who’s going to be picking us up at the airport?  Hah, just kidding, we’re driving.  Good one!


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Pittsburgh, Day Whatever

Yeah, so we missed a day.  We gave you pure gold for days on end, with a pretty spectacular climax.  Then we got tired.  But we’re Back and Better Than Ever!  To prove it, here are some photos!  But for background, you should know that we’re staying at the Omni William Tell Hotel.  Haha!  Not really.  It’s the William Penn Hotel.  That’s where we get “Pittsburgh!”  Somehow.  Okay, anyway, it’s a vintage hotel, very well run, and they’ve found the coolest ways to use technology!  For example, let’s say you get up in the middle of the night and you’re thinking to yourself, “Self, how am I going to navigate myself to the bathroom in the pitch black of this Pittsburgh night?”  Well, funny you should ask, because as soon as you put your foot down, this will happen:


“What is that?”  you ask.  Well, for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, here’s the same thing with the lights on:


Yeah!  It’s an automatic night light at the base of the nightstand triggered by your smelly feet!  Sweet action, as my bride-to-be would say.  Wow.  As Jason Crane would say, I never thought I’d be typing those words.  Fun Fact:  Steph loves correcting me now when I introduce her as my girlfriend!  What a sweet ride this is going to be.

Anyway, here’s one of our (all personal pronouns have by law become collective pronouns, or will soon enough so I might as well get some practice) favorite buildings in Pittsburgh (actually named after Johann “The Pitts” Burgh, a traveling toupee salesman who found himself in this area after taking a wrong turn at Poughkeepsie, and couldn’t get a cab back home, so he stayed):


Pretty cool, huh?  All “Mad Men” and whatnot.  It’s the Alcoa Building, completed in 1953 and designed by Harrison and Abramovitz.  The windows were intended to resemble windows on airplanes, a sign of speed and modernity.  They have some great 1950s buildings here.

Anyway, among our activities today, we visited a cemetery, and spotted this ominous figure:


No big deal, right?  Just an obelisk.  But take a closer look:


Yikes!  Fellas, I just got engaged, I ain’t ready to go yet.

On that note…. We’ve got Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kentuck Knob (?) and Falling Water tomorrow, a long day, then we drive home Sunday, and Steph starts school Monday.  Good times.

Hope everyone is lovin’ life in Chi-town, see you soon!

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Love in the Iron City

We blew out of Cincy with our usual lack of punctuality and pulled into what looked like a great hotel!  Didn’t even bother with TripAdvisor!

It had free parking,


fine dining,


even a fitness center!




Not sure if that’s a styrofoam cup or a jockstrap.

So we checked into to our old standby, the Holiday Inn Express, which is its usual awesome self, super-friendly staff, great room, sweet shuttle, and then we went to the game at PNC Park, which was great.

Here’s a pic:


Still got that post-engagement glow!  Man are we hot!

We were sitting maybe 11 rows from the field, but it felt closer:


Later on, we moved up and chatted with another couple who had celebrated their first wedding anniversary the night we got engaged, which led to us getting a baseball, which somehow made us both even hotter!


Only bad news was the hometown team got kicked around by the mean ol’ Dodgers, breaking our hometown win team streak that began in Cleveland and continued all the way through Cincy.

Then we watched Kevin Bacon kick ass in Footloose back at the hotel, and now Pretty in Pink has started, but we’re exhausted from being such a cute couple.  So goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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Address Book Default

I guess this just happens automatically.


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From last night’s game


Pay attention to the ump behind the pitcher over the series of photos, especially frames 3-5.




Gross!  (That’s what you get at a National League game, I guess.)

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Cincy Day 3 — The Aftermath

Today was all about recovery.  One of us slept last night and one of us was checking his or her phone on the hour, then we had an in-room massage, in which one of the massueses asked if she could touch my instrument.  I said the timing was bad, I had just gotten engaged.  Then she just went ahead and moved my guitar anyway to make room for the massage table.   I felt violated, but it was a good massage anyway.  We took a ride of to Mt. Adams, had a meal at the City View Tavern, came back and napped, then made our way to the Reds game down the street.   What a fun ballpark!   The hometown heroes won on a walk-off homer after 8 1/2 innings of scoreless baseball, giving our new favorite NL team a rousing victory.  Bad news is those Mets will be coming up to our floor tonight in a bad mood, cursing and taking the Lord’s name in vain.  Steph will have to go out there to quiet them down, and knowing Steph, there will be fisticuffs and a police response.  She’s a tigress, alright.  But not a Detroit Tigress.

BTW, did you know that Cincinnati chili is like soup?  Like it’s supposed to be that way!  WTF?

Anyway, here are some photos:


As Spira would say, “What a fox!”


They had batting cages you could use during the game! I looked like an idiot at pitch speeds of 40 AND 60 MPH! Steph says false, I looked like Hank Ruth, or something.
Importing more photos now that we may post later.

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Steph and Jordan take in the sights (AKA we are still engaged)

This is us out back at Cincinnati’s locally famous City View Tavern.  Wonder why they called it that.


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